Views of Lansdowne

Images in the “Views of Lansdowne” collection were taken in Lansdowne Pennsylvania between the months of April and September 2011. 

The sunset photographs were taken from the roof of 22 East Baltimore Avenue in Lansdowne.  The weather vane seen in several photographs in on the roof of St. John’s church near the corner of Lansdowne and Baltimore Avenues.  The tree in “Quiet Sunset” is located in front of St. John’s.  Flowers were found in various front yards while walking around Lansdowne.

The images in this collection of photographs were taken using a Nikon D7000 Digital Single Lens Reflex camera.  All images are un-retouched. 

Photographs in this collection are available for purchase printed on canvas and gallery wrapped.  Most of the gallery wrapped images are 24x36 inches. Printed images do not include the copyright information which is displayed with the image online.  

All photographs are also available printed on a white pearl metallic paper and matted.  The print size is typically 14x21 inches. With mat-board; the overall size is 20x30 inches.

If you have questions, comments or would like to purchase any of the listed photographs; please contact me using the contact page.  Thank you.

Copyright 2012 by Mark Gavin