Awagami Factory Paper

I have started working with a very nice inkjet printer paper now available from Moab called Moenkopi Washi Unryu 55.  This is a traditional Japanese Washi long fiber mulberry paper produced by the Awagami Factory in Japan.  Moab is currently selling three papers produced by the Awagami Factory under the Moenkopi Washi label; Unryu 55Kozo 110 and Bizan 300.

The photograph below was taken with the Unryu 55 paper lit from the side to show the fiber texture in the paper.

DSC 5026

I was originally concerned the texture of the paper would be a problem for my HP Z3200; but, the Z3200 does a very nice job when printing to this paper.

The Unryu 55 paper itself is a delicate looking paper with some translucent qualities.  That being said; the paper is actually very sturdy.  The long fibers make it somewhat more difficult to tear the a cotton rag paper of the same weight.

The Awagami Factory produces many other papers which are not available from Moab.  Sample packs can be purchased directly from the Awagami Factory.  The Awagami Factory website also has a good history of paper making and close up photographs of all of their papers.

Copyright 2015 by Mark Gavin